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What is Qi and Sheng Zhen Gong

teacher of qigongIn the oriental philosophy, Qi is all around us, in what we see and don’t see. Qi is often called the ‘vital energy’ that is the basis for all life. Qigong is the interchange of Qi between people and the universe. The exchange of Qi creates an energy that brings about health in living beings and in the natural environment.  The exchange of Qi is natural but can be improved through conscious practice.  Qi is available to everyone!

This practice is a contemporary integration of spiritual healing traditions—using the power of Nature to heal oneself. It is a form of medical Qigong because regular practice provides general and specific benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Movements are performed from both sitting and standing positions to improve the quality and exchange of Qi. Many incorporate a contemplation or visualization that further enhances the exchange of Qi and adds a quality of meditation to the movement.

Sheng Zhen Gong merges stillness and movement into one practice which can heal the whole person. This Qigong can improve the immune system, physical balance and health. It can help the mind to become calm, more focused, and increase ones powers of concentration. It can reduce stress and steady the emotions. It can elevate ones spirit.


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